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"Definition of language: a subset of the world of a cosubject whose members are common conceptions of conceptions."
  - Studies and Applications of Pure Ethics.


Working meticulously, Stanley Kubrick probed the boundaries of every cinematic genre, leaving us with an uncompromising artistic vision exemplified by Lolita, A Clockwork Orange, and Dr. Strangelove.


Pushing the light of the English language a little futher against darkness, Virginia Woolf expressed profound and genuine aspects of the human condition in Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse.

Quiz Bowl.

Contemptuous of buckets full of life-devouring trash, I wrote myself some legitimate film tossups and breathed seriousness into questions on the male gaze, then retired before I heard a fly die when I buzzed.


"Accidental..., for one's mind was already littered and stuffed beyond hope with the millions of chance images stored away without order in the memory."
  - The Education of Henry Adams.


Bringing together drama, music, film, literature, myth, religion, and human interaction, Final Fantasy II began an era of story-telling where the protagonist decides her own fate.


"So much depends, she thought, upon distance: whether people are near us or far from us; for her feeling for Mr. Ramsay changed as he sailed further away..."
  - To the Lighthouse.

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