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Articles:writings for newspapers, magazines, journals, websites.


Tom Otis's lab: GFP labeling of cerebellar cells for FRET with DPA.
Istvan Mody's lab: input conductance of cultured hippocampus cells.
David Krantz's lab: yeast two-hybrid assay of AP interaction with VMAT.
CognAc: fMRI analysis of directly cued vs symbolically cued reaching.
Yang Dan's lab: analysis of response of visual cortical complex cells.
Writings: fiction, philosophy, and memoirs.
Rich Ivry's lab: bimanual coordination in motor control.
Steve Palmer's lab: visual synchrony and frequency grouping.
GUIR lab: Outpost: a tangible interface for large-scale web design.
PARC DiVA: hybrid Monte Carlo sampler for Bayesian visual tracking.
CS 160: Red Ink collaborative annotation system.
GUIR lab: gesture set design tool Quill.


.pdf Submillisecond optical reporting of membrane potential in situ.
.pdf Clustered linear model for point process regression for Stat 201B.
.pdf SRS and PPS multistage sampling of coffee prices for Stat 201A.
.doc NSF Graduate Research Fellowship original proposal.
.doc NSF Graduate Research Fellowship supplemental data (long version).
.pdf Anticipatory postural adjustments in button-triggered unloading.
.pdf Bayesian model of semantic priming in learning categories.
.doc Facilitating protein sequence alignment with folding simulation.
.pdf Graphical model of visuomotor tracking for CS 281.
.pdf Bimanual interference in a spatially cued reaching task.
.pdf Tutorial and review on applying MCMC to visual tracking.
.doc Information-theoretic multidimensional scaling for CogSci 126.
.doc Bayesian learning of categories with semantic priming.
.doc Likelihood function for steerable filter responses.
.html Red Ink final project design for CS 160.
.html Penimation visualization tool project for CS 184.
.html NSF REU robot reinforcement learning at UC Riverside.
.doc On Stanley Kubrick's magnificent film.
.doc On semantic and negative priming in response interference.
.doc Writing portfolio on journalism for Hum 1.


.pdf Okinawa Computation project on GABAR influence on granule cell firing.
.pdf UCLA Science Poster Day poster on effect of DPA on conduction velocity.
.pdf FENS poster on consequence of GABAAR excitation on granule cell firing.
.pdf SfN poster on excitatory effects of GABA on parallel fibers.
.pdf Neuroscience Graduate Forum talk on calcium imaging of cerebellum.
.pdf Review: neurofibromin regulation of ERK in GABA release.
.pdf Review: eyeblink Conditioning, Cerebellar Cortex, and Timing.
.pdf Review: loss of preBötzinger complex in disordered breathing.
.pdf Yeast two-hybrid assay with Drosophila VMAT and AP2, AP3.
.pdf Review: role of nucleus accumbens in maintaining pair bonding.
.pdf Review: reinforcement learning approach to prefrontal control.
.pdf Review: synapse-nonspecific LTD at hippocampal interneurons.
.ppt Facilitating protein folding simulation with sequence alignment.
.pdf Review: recent discovery of extrasolar planets.
.jpg Particle filter tracker with hybrid Monte Carlo sampling.
.jpg Empirical likelihood function from natural images.

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